Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Some of the Indians who were affected by the USCIS revised July bulletin staged a novel protest (Gandhigiri) by sending flowers to USCIS.
Follow the links below for more details.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

USCIS and the 485 Fiasco....

I hope by now most of the victims of July Visa bulletin have recovered. It is beyond any one's comprehension how USCIS could behave in such an irresponsbile manner. They had a freaking two weeks to issue a correction to the bulletin but they waited until they received the applications only to send them back. Forget about the expenses incurred during the 485 filing process, the long lines to get medical exams done and the time wasted to get all the paper work done, I heard stories of people cancelling their travel plans, returning from abroad, flying to the lawyers' offices to complete the forms etc.
I wonder if USCIS deliberately rejected all the applications so that they could collect the hiked fee which increases 3 fold from August. After this stupid action I feel that the state department has no concern for immigrants' feelings.

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