Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clear Validation Errors and Validation Summary messages built in validation does not provide us a straight forward to clear all the validation errors. This would be really helpful while resetting a form. The reset html button would simply reset the form values but will not clear the validation errors.

The following javascript code snippet can be used to clear the validation error messages.
Have a reset button on your form and call the following js function onclick.

<input type="reset" onclick="HideValidationErrors();" />

     function HideValidationErrors() {
        //Hide all validation errors
        if (window.Page_Validators)
            for (var vI = 0; vI < Page_Validators.length; vI++) {
            var vValidator = Page_Validators[vI];
            vValidator.isvalid = true;
        //Hide all validaiton summaries
        if (typeof (Page_ValidationSummaries) != "undefined") { //hide the validation summaries
            for (sums = 0; sums < Page_ValidationSummaries.length; sums++) {
                summary = Page_ValidationSummaries[sums];
       = "none";

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