Monday, June 25, 2007

Taste of Vista

I had a taste of Vista this weekend on my friend's laptop. I think Microsoft shot itself in the foot with their over protective security features. I'm pretty sure users will get exhausted with "Are you sure you.....? after some time. I dont understand why I have to confirm every time I open an application. Didn't M$ft think about how it will ruin the end user experience?
My friend created a website in .Net and wanted to host it in IIS. To successfully host the website in IIS we had to go through a multi layered defense system. We overcame the first line of defense by turning on the IIS feature, which I think is good. Then came the second line of defense which is "No permissions to....." to which we did not have a straight answer. After spending some time on Google with no luck, we stumbled on the answer by chance. (We had to give IUSR account permissions on the physical directory that contains the website). I thought well this is the answer and tried to launch the website from IE, and Vista threw a third line of defense which is IIS do not have permission to run ASP.Net. With the help of Google we passed the third of line of defense to successfully run our website in IIS.

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